Charles and Keith 1%

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Charles and Keith are among top Singapore local brands that is attracting both local shoppers and tourists in Singapore. What have made a Singaporean local fast fashion brand are attractive to customers among hundreds of global fashion brands in Singapore like Aldo, Michael Kors, Zara.




Started in 1990s as shoe stores, which were selling shoes from wholesalers, Charles and Keith moved to design their own shoes and directly outsourced the production to overseas factories.


The difference

From my own experience, below is a few standout winning factors:

  • Affordable trending fashion:

Charles and Keith always brings to its customers latest fashion trending ideas, which you may find in other higher end luxury brand like Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Unlike other fast fashion brands like H&M, which focus too much about price and forget the user experience, Charles and Keith are even a top selected items by celebrities like Maisie Williams


  • Distribution and Online store:


Charles and Keith are a few brands in Singapore offer free delivery for all items in Singapore. Even big brand like Under Amor took 3-5 business days to ship an order with a high minimum of order to get free shipping.


Imaging you can buy a 19.90 SGD shoes from Charlies and Keith with free shipping and receiving item in the next 2 days. Its high standard is only recently only beated by Amazon’s Prime.


For you


The success of Charles and Keith made the giant  LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) invested in a 20 percent stake in 2011. Personally, it is significant in the fashion world as a local fast fashion brand are interested by a global luxury brand.


What you are waiting now, grab your latest pair of Charles and Keith directly from their online store.